Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 Ways to Customize the Way You Work in Peachtree

Having the ability to do things your own way can make just about anything worthwhile. If you can set up your workflow the way you want, even the most difficult tasks become easy over time - and high level small business accounting and payroll software programs have quite a few ways to customize your workflow to suit yourself! Today we look at 5 of those personalization strategies in Peachtree Accounting.
Setting the Global Options
In Peachtree Accounting the Global Options allow you to control the way the program behaves, looks and feels. Go to Options>Global to get the Maintain Global Options dialog box, and each user of the programs can set their own preferences. After all, it would hardly be personalizable if everyone simply had to work to the boss's preferred setup!
Point out your preferences
The first section on the left hand side of the Accounting Tab within Global Options is the Deciaml Entry screen, which determines how Peachtree inserts decimal points. This can be very handy if you have a narrow taskset and find that your thumb is getting Repetitive Strain Injury from reaching down to the period on the number pad all the time!
Get warned about potential mistakes
If you're like me, then you're fine with the process of doing things ... but occasionally miss a critical step such as saving a record! In the Accounting tab of the Global Options you can set Peachtree to warn you if a record was changed but not saved, to help avert any disasters while you re-train your brain.
Choose to Update reports automatically when records are saved
Depending on whether you want good performance from your Peachtree Accounting product, or up-to-the-minute accuracy in the recording, you can choose to either uncheck or check the General option to 'Update reports automatically when records are saved'.
Many of us rejoiced on the day that Firefox began to check our spelling for us ... and Peachtree Accounting can too. Use the Spelling Tab in Global Options to set up the program to do a spellcheck when you save or close a transaction, and help with maintaining a professional image.

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