Thursday, February 18, 2010

Accounting Software

Opening your own business is a very exciting and can be very rewarding. There is one task that can take up a lot of time when running a small business that is bookkeeping. This is important for keeping track of all the money that is flowing in and out of a business.

By using professional sage accounting software can help many business owners get a handle on the accounting aspect of any business. Not only is this necessary software to have, Peachtree software offers training. This is helpful in understanding how this software works in your business.

The training that Peachtree offers is comprehensive and shows how to use many of the products that they offer such as mas200 software. A certified instructor can help one in setting up the right software for your individual business needs. Once the software has been installed on your office computers, one can physically attend a class at one of their facilities or hire one of the many certified Peachtree specialists to set up the software at your business. These classes teach many business owners and employees how to install the software correctly.

Peachtree support can also help many when they have a question or a concern. The highly trained staff is there to help its customers. This is one of the many great features that peachtree support offers and why many choose to purchase software from this company. This is a great business tool that many small business owners really like.

Peachtree offers many accounting products to its customers. These products are a comprehensive choice of software when it comes to accounting and basic bookkeeping that many business owners need in order to keep track of finances. Many small business owners prefer to use mas 90 accounting software because of its ease of use. While others prefer the sage accounting software. No matter which is chosen, peach tree software has the right software for each individual accounting need to run a business.

Training in use of these products can be done online or one might want to consider taking one of there classes. These classes can be found in many areas in the United States such as peachtree Missouri, peachtree Illinois and peachtree Michigan. These classes will help many to run and operate the software properly.

By using one of the many products that Peachtree offers can help a business to run smoothly in the accounting and bookkeeping department of any business. The quality products and great customer support has helped many businesses.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pairing Your Sage Accounting Software with the Right Support

No matter which Sage accounting software package you buy, it's essential to pair it with appropriate support. Buying an accounting software package with inadequate support is a lot like buying a luxury car and then failing to maintain it. Sooner or later, you're going to need an expert to help keep your program running smoothly. Here are three ways to know you're getting the right Sage accounting software support.

1. Insist on Sage Platinum Status: Vendors authorized to sell Sage accounting software may not always be the most qualified to support it. Sage Platinum support vendors have received the highest recognition by Sage, and are the best qualified to provide your support. Their support personnel upgrade their skills as each Sage accounting package is improved, so whether you need Peachtree support or MAS90 accounting software support, they're able to answer your questions.

2. Look for Expanded Services: A good support consultant can teach you how to keep your new accounting software running smoothly, but a great support vendor can also help with extras like data conversion. If you're not staffed to convert your data from your old accounting package to one of the Sage accounting software packages, find a support consultant who offers that service, rather than risking critical company data.

Another important difference in software support vendors is their accessibility. Are they limited to telephone support, or is the company large enough to have regional locations and offer on-site support?

3. Ask for a Test Drive: When you purchase your Sage accounting software, whether that's MAS200 accounting software or Peachtree Quantum, your vendor should offer a free trial of their support services. They may allow you a specific number of free calls before purchasing a support plan, or extend a time-limited offer such as 30 days free support. Be sure to ask questions and get to know their support staff during that "test drive." Doing so will give you a feel for how well their support services will match your firm's needs.

Accounting software packages marketed by the Sage company are, without a doubt, superior business applications. Consider them the luxury car line of business accounting packages. Maintain the reliability of your Sage software by purchasing a support plan that meets your company's needs. You'll not only be assured of support in the event of a crisis, but will also learn just how powerful these applications can be.

Monday, February 1, 2010

System Requirements for Peachtree Quantum

Peachtree Quantum is one of the most advanced pieces of software available … it may only be a number cruncher, but it can do more crunching in a single minute than most people could do in ten years! As a comprehensive and multipurpose program, Peachtree Quantum also has some of the more stringent hardware requirements among the Sage Accounting software family. If you've decided you need the enormous range of functions that Peachtree Quantum provides, today we run through how you'll need to set up your computing system in advance.
System Requirements
The recommended processor speed to run Peachtree Quantum efficiently is a 2.8GHz Pentium 4 processor (or equivalent) for a single user workstation, or 3.4GHz Pentium 4 for a Quantum Server, to allow for multiple users. Remember that the recommended requirements aren't just there for looks ... if you want to minimize the chance of experiencing data loss when your computer gets stressed or when doing a large run of calculations, the recommended requirements become the required ones!
At an absolute minimum, though, Peachtree Quantum Sage accounting software will need:
  • 1GHz Pentium 3 or equiva;ent -- although you'll notice a big difference in performance when running at the minimum
  • 256 MB of RAM for a single user, 512MB for multiple users
  • Windows XP or later versions. XP needs Service Pack 2
  • 1GB of disk space
  • Internet Explorer 6 or above
  • 16 Bit SVGA video card
  • CD ROM
  • Internet access for online features -- and if you don’t plan to use the online features, you are definitely missing out! You can easily findaccounting software training on how to incorporate them into your accounting function.
Integration with existing data sources
If you have Microsoft Exchange server 2000 SP2, 2003 or 2007, you can sync with Outlook. You'll need Office 2002, 2003 or 2007 to integrate with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook generally.
Software on computer
Flash Player and Adobe Reader, both free downloads, are needed to make the most of this Peachtree software. Get them at the Adobe website.