Saturday, March 20, 2010

Perfect Computer Software

JCS Computer is happy to announce their new add on! They have just released their Peachtree Quantum Manufacturing. We know that we are your favorite source for premium sage software and now with this new add on we bring so much more to the table. Along with our software training courses, phenomenal support services, and the sage software products and upgrades we now have the Peachtree Quantum Business Toolkit. It is multifunctional, just like every program that comes out of our stores, on top of being cheaply priced. Our website gives you a run down on what all this toolkit has to offer but here are just a few of these premium features: Evaluates inventory, up to 30 columns for MTD/YTD analysis, multi-tasking screens, enhanced Microsoft Office integration, and improved Excel integration. Anyone who is looking to upgrade from our previous products should check out our new add on.

Do not be ashamed if you are not the most computer-savvy business tech out there. Our programs come with training courses and help lines. We understand that tax season is upon us so organization is key. JCS computer wants to make the company software transition as easy and user friendly as possible. You will have no reason to not be a computer genius by the time we are done with you. JCS does not only want you to buy our product. We want you to excel at it. If your customers are happy then we are happy.
What if you are not ready for an upgrade yet? We have plenty of other programs that your company cannot live without. Our Sage software includes: Peachtree software, MAS 90, MAS 200, ACT!, Timeslips, Crystal Reports, and Fixed Assets. JCS computer offers virtually every type of program out there to get your business chugging along with the rest. We have locations all over America so finding a training center will not be hard to do. We cover the west coast, east coast, northern, and southern border. Our locations are not restricted to the borders though. We have training centers in Illinois, Missouri, and Tennessee. JCS Computer does not just leave you after the training classes end. We set your company up with your own personal representative so that future questions are easy and comfortable to solve. So the next time you are looking to upgrade that 1998 accounting software check with JCS computer. You never know what add ons we will have next!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Accounting software you can rely on

Computer software is everywhere on the market today and knowing which program is the best to purchase for your personal or business needs can be tricky. Running a business, whether big or small, requires dependable computer software when it comes to accounting and other areas of your business or personal life. Purchasing the software for your computer that is affordable and user friendly can seem almost impossible at times. Even when you shop the local computer stores in your area you find the search stressful and time consuming. When it comes to purchasing the software for your computer that will simplify your life you will also be in need of assistance in installing the programs as well as using the programs yourself.

Online assistance from professionals is just a few clicks away. You can take advantage of wonderful service when it comes to guidance in purchasing the software you need for your specific area of business as well as affordable prices and classes that will have your system up and running in no time. You can enjoy Peachtree Quantum, mas 200 software, Act software, Sage accounting software and a dependable and knowledgeable support system to accompany each software purchase. Put an end to the aggravation you and your employees have been experiencing when you install the Peachtree accounting program that will simplify your life even when it comes to home finances.
Keeping your records straight and organized is a vital part of running your home finances and your business finances. With the nationwide service in accounting software for over 20 years you can be sure you are working with a company that knows how important dependable and user friendly accounting software is to your life and your employees. Enjoy the fact that you are purchasing computer software for your home or business that offers a guaranteed training class and a full line of knowledgeable and friendly support team for the questions you have when installing or getting to know your new computer software. Put an end to the aggravation of spending hours trying to find the perfect accounting software for your home or business only to add the stress of learning how to install and use the program you purchase. Start purchasing your computer software needs from a company that offers you the top of the line computer software when it comes to account software and guarantees you and your staff training classes.