Friday, July 9, 2010

Peachtree User Problems Solved: June 2010

Peachtree Quantum and the other Accounting versions of the program are quite involved pieces of software. They interact with different data, different operating systems, different task sets and user styles in different ways ... sometimes unexpected ways! Sometimes the manual just isn’t enough - but luckily there is quite an assortment of excellent Peachtree Support available online. Today we offer some solutions to common problems that have been bugging Peachtree users this month.
Users cannot customize checks and forms without an application error message. In some cases the entire system shuts down.
This is not a widespread Peachtree problem, but has affected more than one user in the recent past. On attempting to customize a check or form, users get a 'peachtree.exe application error / The unknown software exception occurred in the application at location [location]' message.
The culprit in all cases has been a corrupt file. If users could customize forms at some time in the past, uninstalling and re-installing the software fixes the problem.
Users need guidance on moving Peachtree 2010 to an upgraded server
Peachtree support experts advise that you should keep the drive letter and directory structure the same on the new server as the old. If this isn’t possible, you'll need to redefine the DATAPATH on each workstation to avoid losing custom forms, due to the way that Peachtree looks for forms.
Saving selected invoices to pay
Old Peachtree Classic users have mentioned that they found the ability to save selected invoices to a 'To Pay' list, and have someone review it over the following couple of days, is one of the features they miss most in the Sage Accounting Software version of Peachtree. One workaround, though it is a slower process, is to go through Tasks - Payments, rather than Tasks - Select for Payment. You will need to manually enter each check, but it does enable you to save them without printing.
We often recommend that you call in a certified Peachtree support consultant, even for some small issues. You'll get plenty of tricks and tips that can later be used to self-solve issues with your Sage Accounting software products.

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